Fully Loaded Box

Shelly's Adventures

$60.00 $71.00

The  Fully Loaded Box contains 7 books from the  Shelly's Adventures series, three posters, and three glow in the dark wristbands.  The books, posters, and glow in the dark wristbands will be shipped in the colorful, vibrant Shelly's Adventures box.  These boxes will come ready to be wrapped and given to your young readers.  As an added bonus, you will also get a free month subscription to the Shelly's Adventures ASL Academy

Picture books: Shelly Goes to the Zoo, Shelly's Outdoor Adventure, Shelly Goes to the Fiesta, Shelly va a una fiesta .

Chapter books: Shelly Goes to the Bank, Kasey's First Day of Basketball Practice, Shelly Meets a New Friend

-Shelly's Adventures Alphabet Poster, Shelly's Adventures Spanish Alphabet Poster, Shelly's Adventures ASL Numbers Poster