SA Swag Bag Combo

Shelly's Adventures


If you are ordering this product for a student at a school, please log in or create a new "school" account to ensure we know your student's name and the school that they attend. If you are ordering as a gift, this is not needed

Our SA Swag Bags come with the following:

-SA Drip Drawstring bag

- A book of your choice

-SA Poster

-SA Wristband

Swag bag 1: $15 comes with bag, book, poster, wristband

Swag bag 2: $25 comes with bag, 2 books, 2 posters, 2 wristbands

Swag bag 5: $50 comes with bag, 5 books, 3 posters, 3 wristbands

Swag bag 11: $100 comes with bag, 11 books, 5 posters, 5 wristbands (Free Shipping)