Shelly Meets a New Friend

Shelly's Adventures


Shelly Meets a New Friend is a great way to introduce children of all ages to American Sign Language. It is the 7th book in the Shelly's Adventures Series, a collection of children's books that incorporate American Sign Language while telling a fun, educational story. Inside, you will find a heartwarming story that details how Shelly and her new friend Amber meet. It takes place in a hospital where Shelly visits with her Deaf dad for a doctor's appointment. Inside the children's play area, she meets a vibrant young girl named Amber who visits the hospital often while her mom works. During their time together, Shelly teaches Amber about Deafness, Deaf culture, what an interpreter does, and what American Sign Language is. She also teaches Amber 10 signs in American Sign Language before she goes. The appendix of this engaging book is loaded with fun-filled activities. It features a comprehensive glossary of commonly used words in the Deaf community, a Q&A section for each chapter, definition matching exercise, and so much more! Shelly Meets a New Friend also includes an extensive list of famous Deaf figures from both the present and past. Grab a copy of this fun read for your child! You won't be disappointed.