Meet the Characters


Shelly is a smart and friendly 7 year old. Her first language is American Sign Language (ASL) and she serves as her father’s interpreter; Shelly’s bond with her dad is extremely strong because it was always just the two of them until her baby brother was born. Shelly loves to help others and often spends time teaching her brother numbers, colors, and the alphabet. Her baby brother and many others look up to her because of her exuberant and bubbly personality and awesome problem-solving skills. She is always willing to lend a helping hand if someone is in need. When not at school, Shelly enjoys hanging out with her family, pet dog, and friends. In addition, she loves teaching American Sign Language and singing.


Dad is Deaf. He taught both of his children ASL. Dad has a hard time communicating with the hearing world so he relies heavily on Shelly to interpret for him. Shelly is his voice whenever they are out together or if someone comes to their home. He bags groceries at a local meat market. Everyone in town knows he is Deaf. Dad works hard to provide for his family who he loves very much. He is very proud of Shelly for all that she odes. He loves to watch sports on television.


KJ is Shelly’s little brother. He is a typical 2 years old. He is a busy body who is always trying to get into things that he shouldn’t. He is Deaf but he has a huge American Sign Language vocabulary. Using ASL is his main method of communicating with his father and sister. He loves his big sister and always wants to follow her around. He looks up to his sister. KJ thinks that everything is his. He is in the terrible two phase. 

Kj will have his own Baby Sign Series!


Amber is a very smart little girl. Both of her parents work at a hospital so she spends a lot of time at Shelly’s house when her parents are not home. Amber also enjoys spending time at the hospital playing and reading to sick children. She is very competitive and never thinks that she is wrong. Whenever she gets excited she stutters. Even though Amber is autistic, she doesn't let that stop her from doing anything.

Amber will have her own series that teaches Medical Signs!


Kasey is a big jokester. Kasey has selective hearing. He makes a lot of facial expressions that are funny. Kasey doesn’t have many friends because kids act different towards him when they see that he wears a hearing aid in one of his ears. Kasey doesn’t like being home because he is an only child and he gets lonely very easily. He loves attention. He feels comfortable at Shelly’s house. Kasey loves playing football and basketball. Kasey is a sore loser and he has a tendency to fabricate the truth sometimes.

Kasey's series will teach Sports themed signs!


Maria is just learning to speak English. Her parents only speak Spanish. The only time that she is around English is when she is at school or around Shelly and her friends. She is having a hard time adjusting to English but using American Sign Language makes it easier for her. Shelly is her best friend. Maria learns a lot of English and American Sign Language by hanging out with Shelly. Maria not only learns from Shelly but she also teaches Shelly and her friends Spanish from time to time. Her favorite thing to do I play soccer. Maria has a tendency to give up easy. She also lacks confidence.

Maria's series will incorporate Spanish and American Sign Langauge.


Bruno is a very lovable and energetic family dog. He loves to run and play. Bruno understands American Sign Language.