When was Shelly's Adventures started?

Shelly's Adventures was started in 2009.  It started out as an idea for a cartoon series and was later developed into a children's book series.  The first book in the series was published in 2013.

What makes Shelly's Adventures different from other books and guides that teach ASL?

What makes us unique is the fact that we are the first children's book publisher to produce a children's book series that tells a story while also incorporating ASL.  We make learning ASL fun and entertaining to both children and parents.

What's Shelly's Adventures mission/goals?

Shelly's Adventures ultimate goal is to help play a part in helping bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing world.  We plan to do so by introducing children, educators and parents to American Sign Language in a fun and educational manner.

We hope to one day turn the book series into animation and live action.

How many books will there be in the series?

There will be 20 plus books in the series.  There will be picture books, chapter books, and a mystery series.  Every character in the series will have their own series.

Are the books only for Deaf kids?

No, the books are for all kids, both Deaf and Hearing.  Our books benefit both Deaf and Hearing kids as they not only teach ASL but they are also educational.

How many signs are in each book?

Every book will have 10 signs in them

Do the books only teach ASL?

No, the books also tells a story while incorporating ASL.  Also, in the back of our books we provide the readers with games, quizzes, and other educational tools.