Kentrell Martin

Kentrell Martin is the President and creator of the Shelly's Adventures series.  He's also an author of many of the books in the series.  Growing up with a Deaf brother Kentrell saw how the world viewed Deaf people.  He created Shelly's Adventures so that he could introduce kids and parents to American Sign Language and Deaf culture.  Kentrell see's Shelly's Adventures as a company that will play a part in helping bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing world.  He envision Shelly's Adventures as a company that will be a household name.  

"When you think of companies and names like Disney, Scholastic, Dr. Suess, I want you to think of Shelly's Adventures.  A new age company that found a way to introduce millions to a language and culture in a fun and educational way." -- Kentrell Martin

Kentrell see's movies, live action plays, cartoons and theme parks in the future for Shelly's Adventures