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By joining the SA Network you automatically become a member of the SA Kids Club and receive all off the benefits that come with it.  The SA Network is a Shelly's Adventures Streaming Service that consists of over 100 Videos.  Amongst those videos are behind the scenes videos,  videos with animation,  Storytime, ASL Colors,  numbers,  Alphabet,  Sightwords  and much more. We're currently working on an animation series,  Live Action series,  and Storytime series that will be Exclusive to the Network.

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*** Best benefit of all, we are a growing company who has made great leaps each year.  By becoming a member through the QRC below, you will not only be supporting and helping a small business but as a THANK YOU gift from us, you will be grandfathered in to this price forever, even as the company grows and we increase prices to shift with market prices. When we become the billion dollar company that we know that we can be, we will not forget about people like you who helped us get us there so your price will be safe forever.